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Mar 23, 2008

Macy's to Start New Celebrity Ads

Macy's Inc. is hoping the star power of Carlos Santana and Mariah Carey will help attract shoppers this spring even as a bleak economic climate straps consumers with high gas prices and a slumping housing market.

The national retailer's spring campaign will also feature its first celebrity ad in Spanish.

The Spanish version of the spot featuring guitarist Carlos Santana and R&B singer Mariah Carey will debut Sunday, with the English version and another ad with Calvin Klein model Gabriel Aubry rolling out in network primetime next week.

The new stars for the national TV ads will be joined by domestic entrepreneur Martha Stewart and tycoon Donald Trump, holdovers from Macy's earlier celebrity campaign.

The new ads continue the whimsical tone of the earlier ads. They show celebrities primping their designer lines as if in preparation for customers, while gently poking fun at their public images.

In one ad, Santana is playing his guitar while talking with Carey about how shoes inspire beautiful music. He plays music inspired by the stilettos in his line of shoes at Macy's, then another short burst of soul music illustrating Carey's designer fragrance, while she hums along.

In the other ad, Aubry draws the attention of every female as he moves through the store. Martha Stewart, readying her own department, drops a plate upon seeing him. Carey follows Aubry with her eyes as he proceeds past her fragrance counter to the Calvin Klein section, where he looks up to find a horde of admiring females staring at him.

"They are going to be very similar (to earlier ads), but with a few less celebrities so we can really highlight the brands, especially some that customers may not know we have," said Martine Reardon, Macy's executive vice president of corporate marketing.

Source: Yahoo.com

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