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Oct 20, 2010

First Listen + Video: Willow Smith › Whip My Hair

One thing I never thought of when I read the name Willow Smith is that she'd be a kid, let alone that she'd be Will Smith's kid! I now get all the fuzz about her breakthrough single Whip My Hair. So, this newcomer has definitely got talent, but isn't it awkward to think about 10-year-old girls whipping their hair or is it just me? I'm passing on this one because a) I'm not feeling it, b) the loop annoys me quickly, and c) doesn't it borrow a LOT from Jay-Z's On To The Next One?. While we figure that out, check out the video, which at least is fun to watch, but make sure you don't miss that "I whip my hair back and forth" line:

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