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Jun 24, 2008

Nas: "Hero (Feat. Keri Hilson)" review

As one of rap's greatest lyricists, it's fitting that Nas has the last word about the controversy surrounding his latest project (which was to be called "Nigger," but is now untitled). He proclaims to be a hero because of his ability to connect with the people his music speaks to, while serving as one who overcame obstacles to achieve success. But rather than rehash a rags-to-riches story, Nas takes it in another direction: By bringing into question why he can't tell the truth about today's struggles, he points out the irony of how to some he still is that word that he himself cannot use to title his album: "Still in musical prison, in jail for the flow/Try telling Bob Dylan, Bruce or Billy Joel/They can't sing what's in their soul." Genius.

Source: Billboard.com

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