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Jun 29, 2008

Goldfrapp raise Glastonbury's temperature with erotic dancers

Goldfrapp played an engagingly eccentric afternoon set on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury today (June 29), which involved some rather provocative dancing.

Frontwoman Alison Goldfrapp, wearing a technicolour outfit featuring material strips that flailed in the wind took to the stage with her band that included a harpist, three backing singers, a violinist plus guitarists, a keyboard player and a percussionist.

The singer kept conversation to a minimum as she opened her set with a series of mellow, atmospheric numbers including 'A&E' and 'Happiness', thanking the crowd for their applause briefly between songs.

During 'Little Bird' two female dancers joined Goldfrapp at the front of the stage, performing a sexual slow, dance which involved the pair cupping their own breasts and bending over to show their backsides and white knickers to the audience.

Later in the set, during 'Happiness', four dancers, clad in flamboyant body-tight suits danced in unison at the front of the stage.

"I insist you join in this one, please!" declared Goldfrapp before playing 'Ooh La La' as the crowd responded with enthusiastic cheers.

The eroticism of the set went up a notch during 'Caravan Girl', with two bikini-clad pole dancers performed impressive moves on poles erected at the back of the stage, this was followed later by two dancers in bikinis and wolf masks who gyrated at the front of the stage and posed provocatively for the cameras.

The group then ended their set with a raunchy rendition of 'Strict Machine'.

Goldfrapp played:

'You Never Know'
'The Goodwill'
'Little Bird'
'Number One'
'Ooh La La'
'Caravan Girl'
'Deep Honey'
'Strict Machine'

Source: NME

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