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May 14, 2011

'Run The World (Girls)' by Beyoncé + Video Teasers

The world is about to get ready for Beyoncé's return to the music scene, even though the longevity of her 'Sasha Fierce' era makes it seem like she hasn't been away for too long. Will that work against her? She's already in the process of releasing new material and Run The World (Girls), yet another female-empowerment-themed production, is the buzz single, a video for which will be released soon. And I call it a buzz instead of lead single because the reception has been less than stellar so far. Maybe the video will turn things around. Her fourth studio album will be aptly titled 4. Watch the teaser videos and listen to the song below, which is produced by The-Dream and features a sample by Major Lazer's Pon de Floor.

Video Teaser 1

Video Teaser 2

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