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Apr 8, 2011

La Vida Bohème to Release 'Nuestra' in the U.S.

I don't like to brag - but I'm very well gonna because this band otherwise known as La Vida Bohème seems to be quickly aiming for deserving heights. I'll remind you their Nuestra album was released as a free download for the masses around this time last year and was an instant hit on my playlist with their spanish post-punk sounds. Just how much of a hit? They earned both Top Artist and Top Album in my 'Best Of 2010' year-end countdown and also earned a #1 hit with one of the album cuts, El Zar, which spent 4 straight weeks at the top of the chart. (More 2010 recaps here.)

The band was recently featured in Twitter's 5th anniversary video alongside Hillary Clinton, Snoop Dogg and Serena Williams and is now ready to capture more international musical audiences (they are originally from Venezuela) with the U.S. release of their debut album both on digital (May 3rd on iTunes) and physical (May 10th) formats. Needless to say, you better grab a copy! Here's the press release from Nacional Records:
Nacional Records is proud to announce the May 3rd iTunes (May 10th CD) release of La Vida Boheme’s U.S. debut album ‘Nuestra.’ The group is a dance rock act that formed on the fierce streets of Caracas, Venezuela, only three years ago. La Vida Boheme will perform their first U.S. show on July 6th at the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) in New York City.

La Vida Boheme’s debut album, ‘Nuestra,’ owes as much to influences like LCD Soundsystem and The Clash as it does to Mercedes Sosa and Mano Negra. Early in their career, the group won a “battle of the bands” contest and began to plug themselves into the local dive bar circuit. A devoted following quickly formed as thousands of fans were coming out to shows to sing along to songs that weren’t released or even recorded properly. Soon radio stations were calling the band demanding a single from a record that had not been finished.

An underground swell of support was developing with the band’s fanbase calling itself “La Resistance” - quite apropos in the age of Hugo Chavez. La Vida Boheme leads a new movement of Venezuelan youth who despite government regulations and rampant violence, want music and the arts in their lives.

Pre-order Nuestra on Amazon

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