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Apr 30, 2011

Beastie Boys › Make Some Noise + 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two' Free Stream

It doesn't get any more old school than this, and that's really a good thing. The Beastie Boys return to the soundmosphere and they do it big time with their new song titled Make Some Noise, a return to less overproduced hip-hop sounds and the first single from their album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, which will be released next week. I think the single cover art alone deserves an award. The video features an extensive array of actors doing nonsense in a set that's taken straight from the 80s. Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock finally show up in a Back To The Future resembling scene. Apparently, the video is an edit of a 30-minute-long clip.

Get Make Some Noise | More music by Beastie Boys

Make Some Noise debuts as Power Play and Highest Debut on this week's chart at #76.

And with their new album leaking, the Beastie Boys have decided to stream the entire set for all of us to listen. So, enjoy! And buy the damn album!
Good people, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, the "clean" version of our new album, The Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 has leaked. So as a hostile and retaliatory measure with great hubris we are making the full explicit aka filthy dirty nasty version available for streaming on our site. We hope this brings much happiness, hugs, and harmony. Enjoy Kikoos for life! Thank you, The Management

Pre-order Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

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