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Oct 12, 2010

'Come Around Sundown' Available for Streaming

Kings Of Leon's fans rejoice! That's if you're not too busy bitchin' about your favorite band becoming so popular. With just one week to go for the official release of Come Around Sundown, the follow-up to the mega-successful Only By The Night, the band has made it available as a free stream. How amazing is that? Go now to radioactive.kingsofleon.com and listen to the new 13-track production. While you're there, check out the band's interview about the coming-together for Come Around Sundown plus a behind-the-scenes video for their first single, Radioactive.

Come Around Sundown tracklist:
1. The End
2. Radioactive
3. Pyro
4. Mary
5. The Face
6. The Immortals
7. Back Down South
8. Beach Side
9. No Money
10. Pony Up
11. Birthday
12. Mi Amigo
13. Pickup Truck

Radioactive is a current favorite and has just gone top 20 on the October 9, 2010 edition of my personal chart, sitting currently at #14 in its second week. Their biggest hits so far have been last year's Closer and Notion, both of which reached #1 for two weeks each. And because for some reason I didn't post it before, watch the video to Radioactive below:

Buy Radioactive | Pre-order Come Around Sundown
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