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Feb 21, 2013

"Entertainment" by Phoenix

This is one of the newly released tracks that I've been playing non-stop for the past few days. Some alt-rock is good for the soul anyway. I don't really know much about Phoenix to be honest, except for that huge song Lisztomania they had a few years ago. It turns out they hadn't recorded anything new since Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009) which was the title of the album that song was from. They are back now with what will be their fifth studio album titled Bankrupt!, and is expected to be out next April. Entertainment, of course, is the lead single and if it's any indication of what the sound will be like, I think I might enjoy giving it a few listens. This song is not as instantly catchy as Lisztomania was, so it might need a few listens, but it is equally enjoyable to listen to.

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