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Oct 8, 2011

Are You Ready for 'Mylo Xyloto'?

I've honestly never been excited about a Coldplay release, not even after getting their first album Parachutes back in 2000 and discovering one of my favorite bands to-date. It must be the anticipation of listening to the whole thing after getting some pretty solid tracks like Major Minus and Paradise. Don't judge me but I'm not a big fan of Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall, for some reason or another. So, two things: 1) Are you ready for Mylo Xyloto? and 2) How the hell do you pronounce Mylo Xyloto??!

Pre-order Mylo Xyloto

Now that we talk Coldplay, they've had a good run with Major Minus so far on the Songs Chart, reaching as high as #5, which is where the song's at this early October, 14 weeks after its debut. Paradise, on the other hand, is at the early stages of its chart run, sitting at #63 in its second week, but with a big chance of going further up as we get closer to the album release.

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