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Oct 10, 2010

First Listen + Video: Linkin Park › Waiting For The End

Having already missed the band's first single for their new album A Thousand Suns, you could say I might have lost some interest in Linkin Park. But that's until now that I've watched their new video for the second single, Waiting For The End. And one thing's for sure, they can always deliver a good music video. The full-on digital effects visual, directed by band-member Joe Hahn, is sure to get your attention from start to finish. As for the song itself... I'm still undecided. It's not completely bad but it's not completely amazing. It's a bit different from their previous efforts without completely letting go of the "ballad"-type stuff they did on Minutes To Midnight. It does have potential to grow so that's why I'm starting it with a Slight Play and see if it takes off. If it doesn't, I can always go back and enjoy the nice video.

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